Program Information

Come skate with us! The Oak Bay Figure Skating Club welcomes skaters of all ages and all skill levels.

Registration Forms for our current or upcoming sessions are on the "Home" page where you will find schedule information about our amazing programs listed below. Please note: The Oak Bay Figure Skating Club and the coaching staff reserve the right to reassign skaters in the interest of safety and numbers.

CanSkate Program

The Oak Bay Figure Skating Club is a Skate Canada sanctioned club. Oak Bay coaches who teach CanSkate sessions are registered Skate Canada professional coaching members and have a valid First Aid certificate. Program Assistants who help deliver the CanSkate program have been trained by these coaches.

CanSkate teaches the fundamental movements of skating(forward, backward, stop, turn, spin, and jump) and basic skills. The program emphasizes fun and continuous movement, with badges given for each level completed. Skaters are grouped based on skill level and previous badge accomplishments. CanSkate teaches the basics of skating to anyone who wishes to learn, either figureskaters, hockey players, or ringette players.

CanSkaters require a helmet, warm gloves, and their own skates. Rentals are not available during the OBFSC sessions. Skaters in the CanSkate program pay an annual Skate Canada membership fee, which is collected at registration time. In addition, all Oak Bay Figure Skating Club members are required to participate in our chocolates and lottery book fundraisers. Payment for CanSkate lessons must accompany registration forms.

Pre-Junior Program

The Pre-Junior session is geared toward talented CanSkaters who have a keen interest in figure skating. Normally the Pre-Junior skater is under the age of 7 and is working on the stage 3 CanSkate badge or better. This session is combined once a week with the Junior session to provide these young skaters with exposure to stronger skating skills. They are given use of the full ice and 45 minutes of direct instruction from a Skate Canada NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach.

Junior Program

To enroll in the Junior program, skaters must be working on CanSkate badge Level 6 or 7. They may also be working on the Preliminary level tests, but will not have yet completed one full year in the Junior program.

The Junior Program runs twice a week for one hour. During this time skaters are rotated between coaches in 15 minute intervals. The last 15 minutes of each session is given to the skaters as supervised free time.

They will be instructed by all OBFSC coaches and taught skills, dance, freeskate. Skaters will progress through the first 5 test stream dances (Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Baby Blues, Swing, Fiesta). Skaters may be recommended at any time to skate in the Intermediate program by the coaching staff.

Extra lessons can be arranged through the Junior Coordinator, who will speak with an appropriate coach. Parents will be billed directly by that coach for instruction time. Payment for extra ice will be to the club.

Intermediate Program

To join the Intermediate program, skaters have generally spent a year in the Junior program and/or have been recommended into the Intermediate program by the coaching staff. This session is the initial step into private or semi-private lessons. NO Skate Canada tests must be passed. Skaters take part in all aspects of figure skating including dance, skills, and freeskate. Intermediate skaters have the opportunity to take part in dry land training which includes a jump class once a week, a flexibility class once a week, an on-ice flexibility class, as well as two different stroking classes.

Senior Program

To progress to the Senior Level skaters are expected to have passed the Jr. Bronze freeskate test or any competitive test. This session is geared toward competitive and Star Skate skaters who are comfortable on a busy, fast-paced session. Senior skaters also take part in all off-ice training sessions, and are encouraged to continue with dance and skills.


Earn Credit

That's right! You can earn ice credits towards next year's skating fees for your skater.
It's a simple process through our profit-sharing for voluntary fundraising projects! For selected fundraising programs you participate in, 50% of the profit goes toward ice credits for your skater.

Throughout the year our Club does a variety of fundraising activities, such as:
  • Neighborhood bottle drive
  • Extra chocolate bar sales
  • Purdy's chocolate orders (Christmas and Easter)
  • Gift card sales, etc
By participating in any of these selected events, the Club shares the profit with you 50/50
For Example:
  • Purchase/Sell a box of Purdy's chocolate bars* (20 bars per case) and earn $10 in ice credits
  • Obtain $100 of Purdy's Christmas/Easter sales and earn $12.50 in ice credits.
  • Last year the Club made $1,127.00 from the bottle drive. 50% of that would go towards the participants' skating fees next year, based on the level of involvement
The more you participate, the more you earn! You can't lose! It doesn't take much to pay for a Canskate session. Wouldn't that be nice --- free skating????

*Note: The initial registration fundraising fee is not included in the profit sharing agreement.

For more information or to get involved, please email our Fundraising Coordinator.

We are always looking for ideas for Club fundraising. If you have any suggestions, please contact Mary Ann Timmins.

VOLUNTEERS We need your help!! Periodically throughout the season you will be contacted to volunteer with projects the club will be undertaking. We realize everyone has a busy schedule, but in order to benefit the greater good of our children please donate a little of your time. We look forward to working with you in the future. The added bonus to being a volunteer at the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club is, WE KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!! GO OAK BAY!