Jamie McGrigor

NCCP Level 3 Certified
Senior competitive singles & pair skater
International & world competitive experience
International Skating Union (ISU) Technical Specialist in singles & pairs
32 years experience coaching singles, pairs, choreography, dance, and skills
International & world coaching experience (ice & roller)
Coached national / international medallists and champions in singles, pairs, and artistic
Specializes in coaching singles, pairs, and choreography
Contact information: 250.744.6603,


Katrena McGrigor

NCCP Level 3 Certified
Senior competitive singles & pairs skater
Former Junior National Team member and Junior & Senior National competitor in singles & pairs
16 years coaching experience
Enjoys coaching all aspects of figure skating
Technical Specialist in Singles and Pairs
Specializes in choreography, music selection and editing to CD, and dress design
Canpowerskate Certified
Contact information: 250.386.4007,


Kailee Bowman

NCCP Level 3 Certified
Nine years professional coaching experience
Diamond Dance, Gold Interpretive, Gold Skills, Partial Junior Silver Freeskate, and Pre-Novice Competitive Dance Tests
Specializes in coaching Singles, Dance, Skills, Interpretive, Choreography, and Special Olympics
Provincial Champion for Interpretive
Former Provincial Competitor in Freeskate, Triathlon, Interpretive, and Skills
Fitness Leadership Diploma
Contact information: 250.812.9714,


Kirsten Conforti

NCCP partial Level 3 Certified
Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Dances, Silver Interpretive Dance, Junior Free Dance
Novice Ladies Competitive Test
CanSkate Director
Over 15 years coaching experience
Specialized in coaching Singles, Dance, Skills, Interpretive and Choreography
Contact information: 250.812.8982,


Ashley Burbidge

NCCP Level 1 Certified
Seven years professional coaching experience
BC/YT Provincial Champion in Bronze Triathlon
Represented BC/YT Section at STARSkate Nationals in Bronze Triathlon
Gold Skills and Gold Interpretive Tests
Coaches all levels of skating, including Adult lessons
Contact information: 250.818.2032,